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Sticky-Notes 4.3.3 Crack PC/Windows Latest

Sticky-Notes Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen X64 [Latest-2022] Sticky-Notes is a straightforward and handy application designed to offer an easy way of creating and organizing notes using different formatting elements. You can write down thoughts, phone numbers, or addresses, as well as import data from TXT and RTF formats. It's wrapped in a simple and intuitive interface showing a list with all the notations details like title, date, priority, state, and alarm. The app is sent directly to the system tray, where you can add as many notes as you want and display the manager. Create memos and customize alarms A small window is shown when trying to create a new annotation, where you can type important ideas or personal information. It's possible to edit the title of the note, read the content, or set an alarm by selecting a date from the built-in calendar, along with a repeat interval. Some alert actions are available like pop-up message, flash and beep. Plus, Sticky-Notes can play a distinct sound (MP3 and WAV) or open a URL. From the icon in the left side, you can select the priority, transparency level for the whole notation and size, save it as an RTF or TXT document, as well as duplicate or delete it. Personalize the content and foreground Right clicking on the note brings up a menu that lets you change the font type, style and color, configure paragraph settings such as line spacing and alignment, and insert bullet or number lists. Plus, the background of the note may be personalized with a solid tint from the provided color palette, or with an image from the computer in JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP or ICO format. If mistakes were made, you can use the undo and redo options to go back to the previous composition. In addition, the program lets you copy or cut text from another source and paste it with all the attributes or unformatted. It's possible to export all the records to a DAT file on a safe location on the PC, and find a memo by specific criteria (e.g. title, word, case). Sticky Notes is one of the top-rated and most popular applications available for free download. Sticky-Notes is a straightforward and handy application designed to offer an easy way of creating and organizing notes using different formatting elements. You can write down thoughts, phone numbers, or addresses, as well as import data from TXT and RTF formats. It's wrapped in a simple and intuitive Sticky-Notes Keygen X64 ➤ Sticky Notes by Sticky Notes Software is an easy and efficient way to store notes and messages on your computer desktop. ➤ Simply draw an arrow and type your note into the text box to quickly stick it on your screen. ➤ Place a sound icon next to your note to play a sound, or visit a website with a web browser. ➤ Add multiple notes with one mouse click for quick and efficient note-taking. ➤ If you need more space, merge notes, or arrange notes into tabs for easier viewing and navigating. ➤ Use notes as reminders or organize your day by organizing all your notes into folders. ➤ Set notes to repeat, or make it clear when a note is over due. ➤ Easily find a note by keyword or use notes as a journal. ➤ Find a note by date, keyword, filename, or even drag and drop it in the note manager. ➤ Use notes to help track your finances, track your household or just keep a journal. ➤ Save notes as PDF, or copy a selected note as an image. ➤ Create notes with a TXT or RTF file. ➤ Export notes as a single file or multiple files. ➤ Search notes by keyword, word, date, or all notes. ➤ Share notes via email, network, or file share. ➤ Use different types of notes including a meeting note, check list, to-do list, or date calendar note. ➤ Organize notes into folders and easily browse through your notes. ➤ Clear all notes in one click to remove all notes from your desktop. ➤ Set notes to repeat, or beep if a note is overdue. ➤ Customize the format and appearance of your notes with additional text, colors, and backgrounds. ➤ Manage notes in folders, or organize notes into the order they should be read. ➤ Open notes and insert tags like text, dates, or web links for easier access. ➤ Use notes as a reminder or check list. ➤ Free up some room on your computer desktop and move notes to the taskbar. ➤ Print notes or convert notes to PDF. ➤ Find notes quickly using the unique ID or find a note by keyword or all notes. ➤ 8e68912320 Sticky-Notes Torrent 1.Save sticky notes as HTML files and access to them on any browser, PC, or Mac. 2.Use email addresses, events, or memo IDs for sticky notes. 3.You can create your own personal shortcut in the desktop. 4.Create, delete, move, paste, share sticky notes as HTML files. 5.You can create sticky notes by using a simple, drag and drop operation. 6.The sticky notes has an automatic flag, or you can edit the flag on the sticky notes. 7.Drag and drop sticky notes to the sticky note. 8.Drag and drop sticky notes between sticky notes. 9.You can use an HTML and text code style for the sticky notes, and apply HTML, CSS and JavaScript to it. 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